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6 Sleeper

R 1050 Per night

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R 850 Per night


Wikus and Louise Erasmus live on a farm called Leeukrantz about 23km from Hoopstad on the R59 Bothaville road.  When their daughter Lenise decided to study for a Chef after graduating high school (2008)  in Hoopstad she started studying in Bloemfontein at a Chef School in 2009.  The farm is near the Vaal River, so Lenise and her parents decided to build a lodge for her on the beautiful farm.  In  2010 they started to build the lodge.  We decided to play around with the word Leeukrantz in different languages and the best translation was in Sotho.

And that is how Tau Leralla was born.  Lenise and her Mom Louise are proud owners of this beautiful place.


Lenise Erasmus studied at the prestigious Food and Beverage Institute in 2009.

Lenise was chosen to be part of an exclusive training programme hosted by the Master Chef of the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Florida USA in 2010. She was then chosen to study in America as a Pastry Chef and after a year, returned to South Africa as a qualified Chef.

Tau Leralla became her new home in her capacity as a professional Chef in November 2011 and is also one of the part owners.

In April 2016, Lenise embarked on a journey to Croatia and Athens to work as a Hostess on a cruise ship. Her aim was to learn about their cultural food differences and how she could adapt her cooking and pastry skills. After visiting a few Islands, she was offered a 3-month contract to work as a Chef on a 108 feet Sunseeker Preditor Motor Yacht and joined the crew in Spain.

Lenise thoroughly enjoyed her 6-month experience however missed home and decided to return home and make a success of the Lodge.